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About instaleap

Instaleap provides a network of experts who share the secret recipe to their success through 1-1 video / phone calls, so you can learn and build from their story!

College Preparation

Have a focused and engaging conversation with one of the mentors who has been through the rigor of the application process and aced it

Interview Preparation

Getting ready for an interview? You can potentially talk to someone from the same organization or from a similar job profile and prepare well for the interview.

Change Career

Feel like you need to change what you work on every day? Talk to one of our members from the corporate/entrepreneurial world

Acquire a new Skill

Looking forward to acquiring a new hobby/learning a new skill? Get on a meeting with one of our members with matching skills.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Some of our members are passionate entrepreneurs. Connect with them to gain insights into what helped their business!

Professional Help

Are you stuck with a technical/functional question and do not know where to go? Talk to one of our experts who can help

We improve the world together!

Our experts/mentors can choose to earn for their time , or they can pick a charity of their choice for donations.
For every call that's selected for donation to charity, we join you in the mission.

Child Rights and You

Helping children stay in school

-Child Rights and You
Feed My Starving Children

A global initiative to fight hunger among underprivileged children

-Feed my starving children
American Cancer Society

Research to fight cancer

- American Cancer Society
Susan Komen Breast Cancer Research

Fostering breast cancer research

- Susan Komen